Our Vision

To ensure good health for pregnant women and infants leading to a complete reduction...

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Our Mission

To change the trending undesirable narrative on maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria by .....

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Goals and Objectives

- To reduce maternal and Infant mortality rate in Nigeria. - To encourage the good health of women and....

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About US

Positive Care Support Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental Organization targeted at the reduction of maternal and infant mortality rate in Nigeria, with a particular preference for indigent pregnant women.

The Nigerian Demographic and Health survey (2016) states that Nigeria has one of the highest rate of maternal mortality in the world, accounting for 10% maternal death worldwide. Although, the country has made progress over the years there are still so much grounds to cover and we believe that most of these deaths are preventable, hence, our quest for solutions to the prevailing issues, and intervention towards mitigating specific factors responsible for the high mortality in our target population.





Meet Tolulope Aladesanmi

Tolulope Aladesanmi is a woman with a strong passion for the health and well being of pregnant women and babies. She has worked to ensure this since November 2009 with the establishment of Positive Pregnancy, a ministry that reaches out to pregnant women, to help them develop a right attitude to pregnancy and delivery.

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Video of our outreach to Aleshinloye market, Ibadan.


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