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Antenatal Care

Yay!! I’m pregnant! Congratulations beloved!
But, slow down sis, let’s get serious here. This is serious business.

According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control, 99% of US births occur in hospitals, with majority attended by doctors. Of the 1% that do not occur in hospitals, 65% are home births and 27% occur at birth centres.

Our case here in Nigeria is significantly different. In a paper by Fapohunda BM, Orobaton NG (2013) (When Women Deliver with No One Present in Nigeria: Who, What, Where and So What? PLuS ONE 8(7):e69569., 1 in 5 births in Nigeria are delivered with No One Present (NOP). This is a sad and terrible statistic, and one of the major reasons why we are one of the highest contributors to #maternalmortality.

And this is why I’m asking you to let’s get serious. Now that this bundle of joy is on the way Mom-To-Be, let’s get prepared to receive him or her. And the first step, ANTENATAL CARE.
It is important to start immediately you find out you are pregnant. A good antenatal care provider will give you access to good information, important tests and so on.

Take your health seriously. Take your pregnancy seriously.
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